Jima container is a brand which is owned by JIMA GROUP, specialized in metal packaging in experience of 10 years. We're a supplier specialized in metal cans, metal lid and canning service, used in beverage drink like coke, beer, energy drink, cider juice etc.

New product research and development:
Jima container is full of enthusiasm for the new market demand, and has completed the research and development of special coated of aluminum cans for cider drinks and wine drinks, and supply services for small batch printing cans, and preprinting cans. The current research and development projects include the development of fresh fruits and vegetables, aluminum cans for instant drinking drinks and supporting facilities. 

10 +

Focus on aluminum cans for 10 years

10 +

Production line:10 lines

30 +

Exporting country

500 +



Environmentally friendly

Aluminum cans are 100% recyclable, used aluminum cans can be recycled back into new aluminum cans with the same quality. Moreover, the energy used in the recycling process is 95% lower than smelting. It is truly environmentally friendly packaging.

Brand service

Take market and customer demand as the guidance, attach importance to brand reputation, ensure quality and improve service.

Expression of value

Continuously excavate market value and serve customers with long-term value.


Energy saving and carbon emission reduction, protecting the earth with green actions.Adhere to the path of green, low-carbon and sustainable development.We take active part in the global climate responsibility and focus on minimization of our environmental impact on the surroundings.

R&d and innovation

Continue to expand investment in innovation and R&D.

Food safety

Never touch the bottom line of food safety


Small batch printing customization service

Special printing effect service

Dynamic two-dimensional code service

Beverage filling one-stop service

Innovation and mold research and development services

Lid customization service


At JIMA we are faithful to our values ​​and principles, developing our business in a sustainable way. For this reason, we work to improve our activity, using energy sources that are more respectful of the environment.

The conviction that the future of the company depends on the responsible use of natural resources, we involve each of our employees and collaborators, using more and more recyclable material both in offices and in the...

The maximum occupation of trucks and packages to reduce CO₂ emissions for a more sustainable transport.
The use of more environmentally friendly packaging (Kraft paper, recycled cardboard...

Our company attaches importance to the market demand and constantly improves the supplier platform to meet the service of new brands and the supporting services of small and medium-sized customers.